It is the mission of the county surveyor to serve the public by:

  • filing & indexing surveys, partitions & subdivisions
  • restoring lost & obliterated government survey corners
  • assisting the public & other entities with survey-related questions

On the Surveys, etc., page you'll be able to access numerous records:

  • Surveys, Subdivisions, Partitions, Etc. page. From this page you can search by client name, location, date of survey or survey number for any of our nearly 12,000 land surveys. This is also the page from which you can download Cemetaries, Partitions and Subdivisions. You can get some help in your search efforts on these various records here also.
  • General Land Office Plat Maps. Check these out if you are curious about how the original settler's Donation Land Claims were laid out against the backdrop of the Sections, Townships and Ranges, which represents the original government subdivisional survey of the entire county.
  • General Land Office Scanned Field Notes: these are recently scanned field notes of the original notes submitted by the government surveyors. These represent a recent effort by the Bureau of Land Management, which is ongoing at this time, so only certain portions of the county have coverage to date, and none of the Donation Land Claims are included, since they came after the original subdivisional surveys. (Internet Explorer 5.0 & above required)
  • Corner Reset Notes: a recent addition, which allows you to download images of the reset notes of government corners, perpetuated by either this office or private surveyors.
  • Geodetic Control Points: Want to know more about our Geodetic Survey Control network points? Download the county map, which will show you the point numbers, then go back and download the data sheet.
  • Assessors Maps Online: made available in .pdf format, these are the most recent tax lot maps available online anywhere.
  • State Highway Roll Maps: The file size on these can get huge, so it is not advised to download these via dial-up.
  • USDA Resettlement Surveys: Performed during the depression by government survey crews, these surveys contain crucial ties to property corner and government survey monuments.

If you have any questions about accessing any of these records, please call this office and we'll try to help you. We'd also like to hear your thoughts on whether you found this data helpful, or what else we can do to help you.

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