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It is the mission of the county surveyor to serve the public by:

• filing & indexing surveys, partitions & subdivisions
• restoring lost & obliterated government survey corners
• assisting the public & other entities with survey-related Questions
What the County Surveyor Does.
The County Surveyor's duties are outlined in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) §209.070. These duties include keeping a fair and correct record of all surveys made in the County. The County Surveyor provides copies of those surveys to any person or court requiring the same, on payment of the fee allowed by law. Additionally, under ORS Chapter 209 the County Surveyor may be called on by a court to perform surveys.
How do I get my property surveyed?
Occasionally a landowner may want their property lines marked on the ground or may be required to complete a FEMA Elevation Certificate. In the same light that the Internal Revenue Service does not prepare individual taxes, the County Surveyor similarly does not perform surveys for individuals. Property owners are directed to contact a duly licensed surveyor through a search of the usual phone or internet directories. The Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon offers a directory and a resource page to property owners seeking services.
When in Doubt...
When in doubt feel free to contact the County Surveyor directly at 503-434-7516. The County Surveyor’s Office serves as an information resource for the general public. Land issues can be complex, and the reality is the average person might not even know where to start. The County Surveyor does not issue legal advice but often times can point you in the right direction to find answers.
GIS Survey Search Map
Search by survey number, PLSS location and other advanced database search criteria.
(For Professionals and Registrants)
Submit review documents. Please ensure sealed documents are clearly marked preliminary or draft.
Track and check your project status.
Email the project reviewer with project submittal questions and concerns.
Contact the County Surveyor with general questions, concerns, any requests for information
Geodetic control and other technical survey data.
Detailed information regarding Elevation Certificates. This link will redirect you to the FEMA website. Basic Flood information is available via the "Flood Map " layer of the Yamhill County Public GIS https://www.co.yamhill.or.us/gis
FTP File Transfers.
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