County Road 95

WORDEN HILL ROAD - Dating to 1892 - Worden Hill road connects the west side of Dundee with the Yamhill-Newberg Highway. It was named after G.W. Worden, now deceased, who lived near this road for many years.


CRS 360 and CRS 360 full road packet - accepted 7/7/1892 in C.J. 11 pg. 311 - petitioned 60 ft. wide

CRS 400½ and CRS 400½ full road packet - accepted 11/6/1901 in C.J. 13 pg. 547 - 40 ft. wide petitioned. Note: this portion of CR 95 was the result of three separate proceedings by petitioners and the county court, spanning 2 years. CRS 407 (number assignment was apparently postdated) was dismissed, as was CRS 400. All three petitions were circulated by a Mr. C. Baker, and opposed by Amos Nelson. in July of 1902, the Oregon Supreme Court upheld the county court's acceptance of this road. Neither of the two dismissed surveys or associated road packets were scanned. In November of 1902, the county court agreed to pay Mr. Nelson an additional $75, above the original claim of $250 to settle this matter. This equates to a little under $8100 in 2010 monetary value.


Worden Hill Road 95 Roll Map