County Road 93

RIVERSIDE DRIVE - Dating to 1908 - Lies on the eastern outskirts of McMinnville. It was named because it led to Riverside Orchards Subdivision.

See Riverside Orchards

CRS 511 road packet - no actual survey performed, but road was accepted by the court based on plat of Riverside Orchards Subdivision. Sulak & Trent petitioners on March 3, 1919, in C.J. 15 pg. 343.

CRS 7989


1919 survey by H.W. Herring near west end

R/W change at Maple/Lafayette Ave. by H.W. Herrring 1948

R/W change at Riverside Loop by H.E. Cox undated

R/W change at Hwy 99W by H.W. Herring undated

Proposed R/W realignment by N.L. Jones 1962-3

Proposed R/W realignment by N.L. Jones undated

Worksheet at RR crossing by H.W. Herring undated

Worksheet at Hwy. 99W by H.W. Herring undated 

Proposed Topo and R/W realignment undated probably during the 1970's