County Road 92

REID LANE - LOOP ROAD - Dating to 1859 - Reid lane lies three miles east of McMinnville and north of Highway 18. It was named for James Reid who bought a farm near this road in 1874. John served as an area road superintendent for a few years; and was on the local school board for a number of years. Loop road lies 3 miles east of McMinnville. This road loops from Highway 18 (Old Three Mile Lane) back to Lafayette Highway.


CRS 157 and CRS 157 full road packet - accepted 9/4/1873 in C.J. 4 page 341 - 60 ft. wide statutory

CRS 173 and CRS 173 full road packet- accepted 7/10/1874 in C.J. 4 page 503 - 60 ft. wide statutory (this portion not currently constructed or maintained)

CRS 374 - road packet not found- accepted 4/4/1895 in C.J. 12 page 345 - 30 ft. wide mentioned in initiatory proceedings.