County Road 86S

LOCKS LOOP Spur ROAD - Dating to 1910 - Begins at the 90° curve in Locks Road easterly outskirts of Lafayette, and runs easterly to Hwy. 99W. The locks were constructed using funding approved by Congress in the late 1890's. Part of the pressure for creating the locks came from area farmer’s and merchants who were frustrated with the escalating costs of transporting goods. Steamboats using the locks could bypass the Yamhill Falls near Lafayette and proceed to McMinnville. With the demise of steamboat traffic on our rivers, the locks were used exclusively for log transport until 1963, when the main channel was reopened and the locks dynamited. You’ll find an excellent article on the history of these Locks in Volume 91, Spring and Summer issues of the Oregon Historical Quarterly, 1990. This road connects Locks road with Highway 99 West, creating a loop. It was originally part of what we now call Highway 99 West, although never under State jurisdiction.

INDEX Note: this is an old alignment of Hwy. 99W. See origins of that road for more data on this spur.