Market Road 7

Pike Road Road - Gerrish Valley Road - Mt. Richmond Road - dating to 1867 - Pike road is the road leading west from Yamhill to the community of Pike. The community was named after Pike County, Missouri, from which many Oregon pioneers emigrated. Gerrish Valley road begins two miles northwest of Yamhill and winds about four miles north to its terminus at Mt. Richmond Road. The road was named for John Gerrish, a local Donation Land Claimant. Mt. Richmond road runs from community of Pike in a northern direction to the Washington County line. Was named for the Mt. Richmond School #39 which operated 1882-1930.

Index of road surveys and related documents

Lafayette to Perkins Mill - No CRS - no road packet. This was the first road creation processed following the destruction of the county courthouse in Lafayette in January, 1857. Commissioners Journal 1, page 3, noted the submitted petition for damages for creating an alteration in this road on February 16, 1857. The alteration was accepted on 9/9/1857, C.J. 3 page 77. Evidence of alignment is sadly lacking, but here is a scan of the viewers report.

CRS 82 - CRS 82 full road packet - acceptance C.J. 3 page 71 on 6/6/1866 - 60 ft. statutory

CRS 94 - CRS 94 full road packet - accepted 6/5/1867 in C.J. 3 pg. 179 - 60 ft. statutory

CRS 244 - CRS 244 full road packet not located - accepted 7/7/1880 in C.J. 6 pg. 558 - 60 ft. statutory - N-S portion only

CRS 282 and CRS 282 road packet - accepted 9/3/1884 in C.J. 8 page 178 - 60 ft. statutory width

CRS 469 - not accepted

CRS 537 - not accepted - packet containing petition found, but no survey completed or filed

Scanned map:

1927 Market road Located Line