County Road 567

NICHOLS ROAD - dated to 1909. Lies on the northerly outskirts of McMinnville. William T. Newby was the founder of McMinnville. William was a pioneer of 1843. Ten years later he erected a grist mill near what is now the city library, and the city started it’s rapid growth.


CRS 122 was not accepted

CS 2065 25 ft. gateway - accepted 11/4/1914 in C.J. 14 page 457 - 25 ft. wd. see page 18 in index above.

CRS 480, never officially filed as such, appears on page 19 of above index. Accepted 9/3/1914 in C.J. 15 pg. 207 40 ft. wd. petitioned.

SCANNED MAPS: none located