County Road 468

KIMSEY ROAD and STOCKHOFF ROAD - dating to 1858 - Is located three miles north of Unionvale and west of Wallace Road. It was named for Alvis Kimsey, a young widower, who came to Oregon from Missouri, in 1848. Kimsey served as a commissioned officer in the Mexican War in the late 1840's. He also served as sheriff of Yamhill County for several years prior to statehood. He retired due to ill health.


CRS 26 and CRS 26 full road packet - not accepted

CRS 110 and CRS 110 full road packet - accepted 10/6/1869 in C.J. 3 page 391 - 60 ft. statutory

CRS 341 and CRS 341 full road packet - accepted 4/10/1890 in C.J. 10 page 276 - 40 ft. wd. petitioned


1869 County Road #468 Roll Map

R/W proposal by H.W. Herring 1941

R/W proposal by N.L. Jones 1962

R/W compilation by R. Phillippi 1966

Additional R/W for new bridge - Accepted 10/12/1977, recorded in Film Vol 124, Page 857.

Deed Acceptance for 60' R/W - Accepted 3/15/1978, recorded in Film Vol 128, Page 487-489.

Vacation of old un-used road alignment - Accepted 3/10/1982, vacated a portion of un-used alignment of County road #468 as requested by Jimmy D. McGinnis and correct error found in legal description Film Vol 124, Page 857.