County Road 461

STARR QUARRY ROAD - dating to 1857, but any record of acceptance was destroyed in the courthouse fire during the 1st week of January of 1859. Lies four miles east of Whiteson. It was named for Henry and Harry Starrs’ rock quarry which has operated in the area since the 1920's.


CRS 6 and CRS 6 full road packet - accepted 9/7/1857 in C.J. 1 pg. 57 - 60 ft. statutory

CRS 68 - CRS 68 full road packet - not accepted

CRS 99 dupe - no road packet located - This was the A.J. Hawthorne alteration. Another CRS 99 exists, covering county road # 203 and 205. Acceptance on this alteration occurred on 4/8/1868 in C.J. 3 page 229. This alteration is in closer conformity with the current alignment of Starr Quarry road just westerly of the easterly line of Section 11, T5S, R4W. - 60 ft. wd. statutory. See the co. clerks record of road surveys, Book B at page 16. On some alterations to existing county roads the county surveyor did not index and file the change as would normally be done in creating a new road.

CRS 109 - CRS 109 full road packet accepted 7/6/1869 in C.J. 3 pg. 369 (w. end of CR 461) - 60 ft. statutory

CRS 7573


R/W proposal by N.L. Jones 1961