County Road 460

KIRKWOOD ROAD - Unknown origin - Lies one mile west of the southeast corner of Yamhill County paralleling the county line. It was named after James or Joseph Kirkwood who were Donation Land Claimants in the area.

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NOTE: this road shows up on the 1917 county soils study map as well as the 1922 road index map, although no clear indication is made that it was maintained by the county. The 1942 OSHD log, calling this road #852, indicates a 1.00 mile length, while our measurement today is 1.02 mile. The county has in fact been maintaining this road for more than 50 years, based on road index maps of the early 1960's. Prescriptive width only, although county survey 5265 indicates a 33 foot width, with no explanation of where that number came from.