County Road 456

EOLA HILLS ROAD - HOOD VIEW LANE - dating to 1908.

Is located between Amity and Hopewell. It was named for the Eola Hills [elevation 1170] which were named after the village of Eola in Polk County. The name Eola is derived from Aeolus who was the god of winds. Hood View Lane was named for the view of Mt. Hood at this location.


Platted in: Eola Walnut Groves, Eola Walnut Groves #2, Sea-Wood Acres & Willamette Gardens subdivisions

CRS 503 - CRS 503 full road packet - accepted 12/10/1919 in C.J. 15 pg. 371 - 40 ft. petitioned

CRS 550 was never filed by the county surveyor, but see CRS 550 full road packet - accepted 7/5/1924 in C.J. 16 pg. 87 - adjoining subdivision(s) platted width petitioned for (40 ft.)


R/W change in Section 34

R/W change in Sections 27, 28 & 34 - T5 R4 by A.C. Forrester, P.E.  1920

R/W compilation westerly end undated

R/W compilation easterly end undated

Intersection change proposal undated

R/W compilation East end by D. E. Linscheid 1997

R/W compilation West end by D. E. Linscheid 1997