County Road 45

CORRAL CREEK ROAD - RENNE ROAD - Dating to 1885 - Corral Creek road begins at the base of Rex Hill on the south side of Highway 99W, winds around Parrett Mountain, and meets the Clackamas County line. The name is derived from a nearby creek. Renne road lies three miles east of Newberg just north of Wilsonville Road. Road was named for Hugh and Lee Renne, long-time residents.


CRS 369½ and CRS 369½ full road packet - accepted 11/8/1900 in C.J. 13 page 463 - 40 ft. width declared

CRS 489 Note: even though constructed many decades ago and maintained since, no record exists of an official acceptance by the county court.

CRS 525 Note: no survey was performed, no viewers appointed, no entires in Commissioners Journal

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