County Road 445

CALEB PAYNE ROAD - uncertain origin - Is located southwest of Bellevue, this road was named for Caleb J. Payne, Sr. who came west as a bachelor in 1845. Caleb married Melinda Toney in 1850 and settled his Donation Land Claim in 1851. During the Cayuse Indian War, Caleb served his country as a first sergeant in the army. In 1888, Caleb, Jr. returned to the family home while he attended college. He lived in Marion County for a couple years.

No Index located: our files contain only a copy of the Abandonment and Retention Agreement with the State of Oregon. This road was originally a county road, then became a state highway, and has since returned to county jurisdiction. OSHD had this in their records as being 60 feet wide.

SCANNED MAPS: none located