Market Road 441

BROADMEAD ROAD - dating to 1858 - Begins on the Amity-Bellevue Highway three miles southwest of Amity and runs into Polk County. The name is of Scottish origin. Mead is the Anglo-Saxon word for meadow; therefore, Broadmead means Broadmeadow. The community of Broadmead had a post office between 1915 and 1942. W.S. Ladd and Simeon Reed, Portland capitalists, acquired farms in this area in the 1870's. They named their farms Broadmead.


No CRS # assigned - accepted 7/8/1857 in C.J. 1 pg. 53 - 60 ft. statutory - mention is made of destruction of earlier survey by fire in the courthouse. Sufficient calls are indicated to allow location beyond a reasonable doubt.

CRS 21 and CRS 21 full road packet - accepted 9/7/1858 in C.J. 1 pg. 198 - 60 ft. wd. statutory

CRS 264 and CRS 264 full road packet - accepted 9/7/1882 in C.J. 7 pg. 311 - 40 ft. wd. viewers report


R/W compilation undated

R/W alignment change by H.W. Herring - 1955

R/W alignment change #2 by H.W. Herring - 1955