County Road 431

OLDSVILLE ROAD - dates to 1857 - Lies two miles north of Bellevue on the west side of Highway 18. It was named for George W. Olds, a 1851 pioneer. He moved west from Michigan with his Uncle Martin Olds following his father's death. George served with an Oregon Regiment in the Yakima Indian Wars and was mustered out in 1856. In 1861, George located his farm near this road.

NOTE: the records for this road do not fit with the current alignment, due in part to the fact that when Hwy 18 was realigned in the 1920s, changes occurred to the old alignments that were not survey accurately or documented well.


CRS 34 and CRS 34 full road packet - accepted 2/10/1860 in  C.J. 1 pg. 366 - 60 ft. statutory width.


Corner change (Morgan corner), by H.w. Herring undated

OSHD relocation map for Hwy. 18 undated

Scan of portion of 1917 Yamhill County Bureau of soils map covering this road