County Road 43

HAUGEN ROAD -  PARRETT MOUNTAIN ROAD - Dating to 1865 - Haugen road lies four miles northeast of Newberg near the Washington County line. This road was, affectionately, sometimes called 32 Turns Road by area residents; but they decided, in 1984, to rename it in honor of local long-time area residents. Parrett Mountain road runs along the peak of Parrett Mountain near the Clackamas County line about four miles east of Newberg. The mountain was named for the Parrett brothers who were born in England and settled in this area in 1853. They used the "o" spelling in their names. Later, generations, who investigated the origins of the Parrett name in England found the "Parrett" spelling to be correct.


CRS 100 - complete CRS 100 road packet accepted 1/3/1866 in C.J. 3 page 554 - 60 ft. statutory. Some confusion in our records exists as to the CRS # assigned 150 years ago. CRS 79 as filed in Book 2 pages 36 and 37 - the original CRS # (100) was lined through over a century ago, and the # 79 written in it's place. These are the same survey, of Henry Parrett's to intersect the road from Oregon City at the Clackamas county line. This may have been done wholly or in part due to the fact that two CRS # 100's already existed. The official road survey records indicate the earlier and erroneous spelling of the name Parrott.

CRS 439 - complete CRS 439 (dupe) road packet accepted 5/8/1909 in C.J. 14 page 432 - 60 ft. statutory

CRS 571 full road packet - no county road survey performed - accepted 7/10/1928 in C.J. 16 pg. 416 - 40 ft. petitioned

CRS 8049

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