County Road 425N

AGEE LANE - dating to 1857 - Is situated northeast of Sheridan and is located seven miles up Gopher Valley. This short gravel road is found on the Donation Land Claim of Isaac Agee for whom it was named. The Agees came to Oregon in 1852 settling permanently in upper Gopher Valley. When the Agees first settled their claim, they named their part of the valley Lebanon Valley, after the Biblical Lebanon.

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CRS 12 and CRS 12 full road packet - accepted 9/6/1864 in C.J. 2 pg. 412 - 60 ft. wd. statutory: see the tangent running south into Angle 12

CRS 141 and CRS 141 full road packet - accepted 1/10/1873 in C.J. 4 page 209 - 60 ft. statutory width: see the tangent running south into Angle 17

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