County Road 423

LOGANBERRY LANE - SHERIDAN ROAD - dating to 1908 - Begins on the easterly edge of Highway 18 near Sheridan and winds several miles to the Polk county line. Several types of berries have been commercially harvested from farms adjoining this road over the past 140 years. Sheridan road runs easterly from downtown Sheridan. Called east Second street closer to town, the easterly (or county road) end of this road was being called Sheridan Road by the mid-1950's when the Highway by-pass was constructed. This road is now called Loganberry Lane easterly of Highway 18.


Dedicated in Yamhill River Bottom Acres and East Sheridan Subdivisions  30' and 40' in width, respectively. NOTE: not all portions of this road can be legally documented, which assumes prescriptive rights only.

SCANNED MAPS: none located