County Road 422

BEAVER CREEK ROAD - dating to 1920 - Is located northeast of Sheridan and three miles up Gopher Valley Road. The road is named after the adjacent creek. The name is shown on the 1956 Quadrangle map published by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.

Index - Note: the easternmost 4980.6 feet of this road is 40 ft. in width: the remainder, lying northerly or westerly of that terminus shown in CRS 413b is by prescriptive use only. (no R/W officially accepted)

CRS 513b and CRS 513b full road packet - accepted 1/22/1921 in C.J. 15 page 433 - 40' width for easterly 4980.6 feet, ending at a point 1320 feet south and 20 feet west of the NE corner of Section 10, T5-R6.

CRS 7832