County Road 418

RICHARD STREET - dating to 1885 - 40 feet wide. Lies one-half mile west of Sheridan on the north side of Highway 18B. Name's origin is unknown.

Index - This road was dedicated in Bewley Land subdivision in 1911, and is 40 feet in width.

CRS 296 - Denied by the court, due to more remonstrators signed a petition than original petitioners. 9/10/1885

CRS 491 - no CRS 419 road packet located - accepted 6/10/1905 in C.J. 14 pg. 206 - 40 ft. wd. surveyed.

CRS 458 - although accepted in Commissioners Journal 14, page 583 (7/6/1911), this survey contains a patent ambiguity which may result in it being declared null and void ("road to be 40 feet wide 30 feet on either side of the above described line").  That does not negate the validity of the Bewley Land dedication, and the county has treated this as a county road for many decades. Most likely 40 ft. wide.

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