County Road 412

SAVAGE ROAD - dating to 1873 - Lies one mile east of Willamina on the Polk County line. The road threads through Yamhill and Polk Counties and is named for William Savage, an 1845 immigrant from Missouri. He acquired a Donation Land Claim just over the Polk County line in 1847. Mr. Savage served two years in the Oregon Legislature; and was instrumental in instituting the Oregon Insane Asylum. The name was later changed to The Oregon State Hospital. In 1891, William Savage joined with Richard Perkins in a cattle driving venture. They drove 800 steer from Texas to Montana! With his proceeds, Mr. Savage established the Dallas City Bank.


CRS 156 and CRS 156 full road packet - accepted 9/3/1873 in C.J. 4 pg. 336 - 60 ft. statutory width.

CRS 299 covered this road, but based on the viewers report was dismissed because the road had been used by the public for more than 20 years. See C.J. 9 page 6 - 3/3/1886 for dismissal. Road packet not scanned.

SCANNED MAPS: none located