County Road 410

EAST CREEK ROAD and WILLAMINA CREEK ROAD - dating to 1896 - East Creek road begins on Willamina Creek Road six miles north of Willamina; then it winds northeast where it intersects with Peavine Road. It was named for the creek that runs along a portion of the road. Willamina Creek road runs from downtown Willamina in a westerly and northerly direction. The creek was named after Willamina Williams, the pioneer wife of Enos C. Williams of Amity. More than twenty years ago, Miss Laura Judy told the author that she had heard that Mrs. Williams was the first white lady to cross, on horse back, the creek now bearing her name.


CRS 385 - CRS 385 full road packet- accepted 6/4/1895 in C.J. 13 page 77 - declared 40 ft. wide

Additional scanned documents #1, #2 and #3


Proposed extension - undated

Proposed alignment survey dated 1933

R/W compilation - undated

R/W compilation - undated #2

R/W survey by H.W. Herring - 1938