County Road 403

LACHANCE ROAD - dating to 1897, and being part of the original alignment of what eventually became Hwy. 22. Referred to at the time as the big Nestucca Toll road. The road was used long before it was legally created, and it follows much of State Highway 22 easterly to the Polk county Line. Polk county created their end of what is now known as Hwy 22 at the same time. The route shown in CRS 389 does not extend on westerly, over the route of the older toll road to Dolph. Lies one mile east of Grand Ronde Agency and was named after B. LaChance, a long-time resident of the area.

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CRS 389 and CRS 389 full road packet - accepted 08/05/1897 in C.J. 13 page 208 - Statutory width of 60 ft.

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