Market Road 33

PALMER CREEK ROAD - dating to 1859 -Lies three miles south of Dayton. Palmer Creek was named in honor of Joel Palmer, co-founder of Dayton. Shortly after the Whitman Massacre in 1847, the Oregon Legislature appointed Joel as Commissary General of the Military Forces of the Oregon Territory. He was appointed Superintendent of Indian Affairs in 1853. Joel Palmer may have been the first white man to attempt to climb Mt. Hood, October 12, 1845. Palmer Glacier on Mount Hood was discovered in the summer of 1924 and named in Joel Palmer's honor!


CRS 27 - No road packet located - accepted 5/23/1857 in C.J. 1 page 271 - 60 ft. statutory width

CRS 376 - CRS 376 full road packet - accepted 8/7/1895 in C.J. 12 page 414 - 40 ft. wide petitioned

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Market Road 32 CRS 7697