County Road 301

WARMINGTON ROAD - Dated to 1912 - Lies one mile southwest of Lafayette in the St. Joseph's Area. It was named after a long-time resident.

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This road was platted in 1912 as parts St. Joe Orchard Homes #3 and #4, which was a replat of portions of earlier St. Joe Orchard Homes plats. The westerly portion of this road is 40 feet in width and the entire road is currently shown as being maintained by county forces for a distance of 2817 feet. (0.53 mile) Portions of St. Jo Orchard Homes #4 and all of #3 was vacated in 1936 (Commissioners Journal 17 page 234), and filed 18 years later. This vacation resulted in the road easterly of the easterly line of the original lots numbered 15 & 16 of St. Joe Orchards #4 being prescriptive only. Also see USDA Resettlement survey sheet #16 affecting this area.

Scan of vacation order of all of St. Joe Orchards #3 and portions of St. Joe Orchard Homes #4.

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