County Road 285

BAKER CREEK ROAD - dated to 1918 through this westerly portion. It was named for John G. Baker who was an 1843 immigrant. Mr. Baker was given credit for being the first white man to settle between the forks of the Yamhill River.


CRS 101 and CRS 101 full road survey packet accepted 6/2/1878 in C.J. 3 pg. 248 - 60 ft. statutory

CRS 490 and CRS 490 full road packet - See contract in full road packet - not recorded in C.J. 15 in the year 1918.

1937 unfiled county road survey by H.W. Herring in Section 5 of Twp. 4 South, Range 5 West


R/W proposal by H.W. Herring - 1937

R/W proposal by H.W. Herring - undated

R/W compilation by J.W. Sulak undated

R/W compilation  undated