County Road 254

BISHOP SCOTT ROAD - dated to 1914 - Begins one-half mile west of the City of Yamhill on Pike Road and winds north into Williams Canyon. It was named after the Bishop Scott Academy. The academy was founded by the Episcopal Church, in 1870, in Portland as a boys' school. In 1904 the academy closed in Portland. Later an attempt was made to reopen the academy in Yamhill County on a site about half-way up Bishop Scott Road. The academy survived this rural setting for only a few years. Bishop Scott, for whom the academy was named, was the first Episcopal missionary bishop in Oregon prior to statehood. He arrived in Oregon in 1853 and remained for thirteen years.

Presently on the Oregon Episcopal School campus, the boys dorm is named Scott House, after Bishop Scott.


CRS 162 - denied & dismissed 2/4/1874 in C.J. 4 page 413

CRS 475 and CRS 475 full road packet - accepted 3/5/1914 in C.J. 15 page 164 - 40 ft.  petitioned


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