County Road 246

TUPPER ROAD - dated to 1866 - Runs west from Pike Road. The road used to continue to the west along Yamhill Road and connected into the Old Railroad Grade. The largest portion of the road was vacated in the early 1970's.


Lafayette to Perkins Mill - No CRS - no road packet. This was the first road creation processed following the destruction of the county courthouse in Lafayette in January, 1857. Commissioners Journal 1, page 3, noted the submitted petition for damages for creating an alteration in this road on February16, 1857. The alteration was accepted on 9/9/1857, C.J. 3 page 77.  Evidence of alignment is sadly lacking, but here is a scan of the viewers report.

CRS 268 - CRS 268 full road packet - acceptance 5/10/1883 in Commissioners Journal 7 page 426 - 60 feet wide


R/W compilation map undated

CR 246 vacation map