Market Road 23

Red Prairie Road - dating to 1885 - Lies two miles southwest of Sheridan and joins Highway 18 and Highway 22. Name's origin is unknown, but the general clay soil throughout the area is reddish-orange in color.


CRS 288 - accepted 9/11/1885 in C.J.8 page 354. 60 ft. wide statutory width. There were subsequent consideration given by the board to remonstrators and a second group protesting the remonstrance, which the board denied on 7/7/1886. These related to a boundary dispute between J.F. Bewley and Wm. Chapman. These documents could conceivably be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to create a 40 foot r/w, but outside of these later appeals, no record of less than the statutoty minimum width of 60 feet has been located, either in the commissioners acceptance or the survey or associated records. Our road packet file on this road does not contain the usual records of the viewers report, the survey or the entries upon the commission journals of the first or second readings: they relate only to the appeal to the commission of the location of the centerline, as disputed in 1886. The appeals were not scanned.

Scanned maps: None discovered in our files