County Road 213

MERCHANT ROAD - Dated to 1874. Lies between Yamhill and Carlton just east of Highway 47. It was named for Robert Merchant, an 1847 immigrant from Iowa. In the late 1840's-1850's, Mr. Merchant was making and selling boots for would-be gold miners headed for California for as much as $16.00 a pair, equivalent to $419 in 2010 dollars.


CRS 4 and full CRS 4 road packet - accpeted 7/8/1857 in C.J. 1 pg. 55 - 60 ft. statutory width

CRS 82 - CRS 82 full road packet - (Damages Paid = Acceptance C.J. 3 page 71 on 6/6/1866) 60 ft. statutory), but the portion of this road survey covering county road was vacated in the earlyu 1970's)