County Road 201

HAWN CREEK ROAD - ST. JOSEPH ROAD - Dated to 1874. Lies two miles west of Lafayette north of Highway 99W. It was named after Jacob Hawn who was the first postmaster of Yam Hill Falls [near the present Lafayette]. Jacob's Donation Land Claim abutted this road. St. Joseph road lies two miles southwest of Lafayette. It was named by Ben Holladay as the terminus of the Oregon Central Railroad. The name was apparently a ploy to encourage competition between merchants in McMinnville and Lafayette in the late 1880's! Probably named for St. Joseph, Missouri; but another story exists: Ben had a brother named Joseph!


CRS 173 - CRS 173 full road packet - accepted 7/10/1874 in C.J. 4 page 503 - 60 ft. wide statutory (portions not currently constructed or maintained)

CRS 180 - Denied and dismissed

CRS 323 - CRS 323 full road packet - accepted in C.J. 9 page 383 on 5/15/1888 - 40 ft. petitioned


Road Vacation - crossing S.P. r/r r-o-w.

Map of Road Vacation