Market Road 16

Thompson lane - Sweet Cider lane dating to 1857 - Thompson Lane begins near the southerly edge of Dayton and loops westerly of Wallace road to its intersection with Sweet Cider Lane. Most Likely named for Hans Thompson, long time area resident. Sweet Cider Lane lies one mile south of Dayton, on the west side of Wallace Road. The name was chosen by the area citizens during the 1984 naming process.


CRS 33 - CRS 33 full road packet - Final action was appointment of viewers to realign the route so as to avoid paymant of damages - no acception

CRS 292 - CRS 292 full road packet - accepted 9/6/1888 in C.J. 9 page 425 - 60 ft. wide statutory (might be all state highway now)

Scanned maps:

1927 Market road Unit B

1931 Market road Unit C