Market Road 13

MILL CREEK ROAD - HARMONY ROAD dating to 1873 - Mill Creek road lies north of Highway 18 and runs into the west side of Sheridan. It was named for the mill operated by the pioneer, Elias Buell, whose saw and grist mill was located along the banks of Mill Creek. Harmony Road ties Polk and Yamhill County's road systems together three miles east of Willamina. Name's origin is unknown.

Index of road surveys and related documents

CRS 156 and CRS 156 full road packet - accepted 9/3/1873 in C.J. 4 page 337 - 60 ft. wd. statutory

CRS 263 and CRS 263 full road packet - accepted 7/7/1882 in C.J. 7 page 297 - 60 ft. wd. statutory

CRS 299 was dismissed based on the viewers report and request for dismissal by J.F. Bewley. Basically mirrors earlier road surveys.

CRS 300 - CRS 300 road packet not found - accepted 5/8/1886 in C.J. 8 pg. 57 - - 60 ft. wd. statutory

Scanned maps:

1925 Market road Located Line

1925 Market road Located Line Extension

1984 Market road Located Line

1972 OSHD R/W at R.R. tracks in Sheridan