County Road 113 - Dating to 1880

Ribbon Ridge Road - 40 ft. width - Lies six miles northwest of Newberg. Ribbon Ridge was named for Colby Carter in early road documents. Colby was an area settler from Missouri. This ridge twists like a ribbon along the southwest part of the Chehalem Mountains; hence, how the road was named!


CRS 242 - road not accepted

CRS 435 - CRS 435 full road packet - accepted 8/7/1908 in C.J. 14 page 396 - 40 ft. petitioned width

CRS 528 is mentioned in some records, but the only official entry is a resolution of intention to alter a portion of this road made 3/3/1921 in C.J. 15 pg. 443 and the appointment of the surveyor and viewers to view the road, on 4/6/1921 in C.J. 15 pages 445 and 446. No further entries. No survey was ever filed.


R/W/ compilation map undated

R/W/ compilation map undated #2