County Road 107

FINNIGAN HILL ROAD - Dating to 1876 - width varies by location - Lies on the north side of Chehalem Mountains about five miles northwest of Newberg. The road was named for Hugh Finnigan who was an early settler in the area.


CRS 191 and CRS 191 full road packet - accepted 9/6/1876 in C.J. 5 page 288 - 40 ft. width as petitioned.

CRS 212 - The petition for this survey does not show up in Commissioners Journals 5 or 6. It was never filed or entered in any office county records, except for the filing of this CRS. Packet not scanned. This would have been county road 107 in Section 23 of 2S, 3W had it been accepted. There are handwritten notations on the reverse side of the road survey packet container indicating 1st and 2nd readings and acceptance, but these do not show up in Commissioners Journal entries.


CRS 491 map by H.W. Herring - 1918