County Road 101

RIBBON RIDGE ROAD - Military road predating statehood - 60 feet wide - Lies six miles northwest of Newberg. Ribbon Ridge was given its name by Colby Carter in 1865. Colby was an area settler from Missouri. This ridge twists like a ribbon along the southwest part of the Chehalem Mountains; hence, how the road was named!

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The notes of the July 15, 1853 GLO survey of the Robert Kinney DLC #38 begins at a "Stone in Road from Lafayette to Portland and S.E. corner, + 23.08 (chains) from S.W. corner of Sec 4 + Bearing S.64°W." Given the date of this confirmation of the age of this road, which pre-existed statehood by nearly 6 years, it is held by the county to be 60 ft. wide, based on territorial road laws in effect at the time.

See CRS 69 and the CRS 69 full road packet for reference (@ w'ly terminus) to this road, "course N & S".