Last Date to File an Appeal

Important BoPTA Dates

BoPTA Season begins the day tax statements are mailed and ends the next April 15th

1st date to file: The day tax statements are mailed

Last date to file: December 31

Hearing notices: You will receive a notice of your hearing date and time at least five (5) days before the hearing

Hearings: Begin on or after the first Monday of February

Session adjourns: April 15th

IMPORTANT: Your evidence must reflect the value of the property as it existed on January 1.

Appeals can be filed after receipt of tax bills but no later than December 31. Only the property owner and certain authorized people may sign a petition to the Board. Please review the instructions included with the petition form. You must file your appeal with the Yamhill County Clerk.

You need to have convincing evidence to support your opinion of your property's value. One mistake many taxpayers make when they file a petition is to present the Board with a study of the difference between their property tax and their neighbor's property tax. If you want the Board to reduce the market value of your property, you should provide evidence of your property's VALUE, not the tax you pay.