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This page serves as a single location for providing information to our citizens on the impact of COVID-19 on the services offered by YCSO.

Corrections Division

 Enforcement Division

 Operations Division

Corrections Division

YCSO Offering Limited Visitation Reopening Effective July 3, 2020

(Updated July 1, 2020)

The Yamhill County Correctional Facility will open for limited on-site social visitation effective July 3, 2020. Due to the current COVID-19 public health emergency and the need to continue to limit exposure, visits will be limited to adults in custody who are not in quarantine. All visitors to the facility aged 13 and up must wear a mask pursuant to the Governor’s order; visitors will need to bring their mask with them, we will not be providing masks at entry. Visitors without masks will be denied entry.

In addition, visitors having respiratory illness or a fever of 100.0°F or greater will not be allowed into the facility. All other visitation rules remain in place. Regular visiting rules will be reinstated as soon as this emergency is over.

We encourage family and friends to use the adult in custody phone system or to write letters as alternative ways of staying connected with their loved ones.

Visitation is scheduled through the Online Visitation Scheduling program.

Correctional Facility Visitation Additional Modifications Effective March 19, 2020

(Updated March 18, 2020)

In addition to the modifications made on March 13, 2020, in response to the Oregon State of Emergency declaration, the following additional changes to visitations at Yamhill County Correctional Facility (YCCF) have been implemented in order to prevent the introduction of the virus to the facility:

  • All on-site social visitation for inmates has been suspended effective 03/19/2020 until further notice.
  • For attorneys who do not wish to enter the facility, you may contact the main YCCF office at 503-434-7507 to coordinate phone communications with clients.

YCSO staff are working with our inmate phone provider to provide one to two free 15 minute calls per inmate per week, in light of the on-site social visitation suspension. We will be providing further information on this arrangement once it is finalized.

Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office continues to follow OHA's guidance on long-term care facilities and law enforcement recommendations. These changes are to protect our staff, the public, and inmates who interact with YCSO employees. This situation is fluid and we will continue to update you as changes to protocol are made.

Sheriff Tim Svenson

Correctional Facility Visitation Modifications Effective Friday, March 13, 2020

(Updated March 13, 2020)

Following the State of Emergency issued in response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Oregon, the following changes to visitations at Yamhill County Correctional Facility (YCCF) have been implemented in order to prevent the introduction of the virus to the facility:

  • Visitors having respiratory illness or a fever > 100.4°F will not be allowed into the facility.
  • We have suspended all non-essential, non-attorney, non-personal (i.e., program services) visitation – Provoking Hope, Veteran Services, etc. – for the next 30 days.
  • We have suspended all contact attorney visitation for the next 30 days. We will allow contact evaluations but will not accommodate attorney contact visitation. Non-contact attorney visits will continue as per usual practice.

In addition to these visitation changes, we have suspended both our Work Release and Work Crew programs for 30 days. Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office is following OHA's guidance on long-term care facilities and law enforcement recommendations. These changes are to protect our staff, the public, and inmates who interact with YCSO employees. This situation is fluid and we will continue to update you as changes to protocol are made.

Sheriff Tim Svenson

Enforcement Division

Executive Order 20-12 Enforcement Questions

(Updated March 25, 2020)

We have been getting questions about the Governor's Executive Order "Stay Home, Save Lives". Below are answers to some frequently asked questions, which will hopefully clear up confusion our citizens and visitors may be experiencing. Thanks to Oregon State Police for putting this information together for all law enforcement in Oregon. #StayHomeSaveLives

Is this martial law?

No, not even close. There are no curfews and citizen movements are not restricted under the Governor’s Executive Order. While details are offered in the order relating to social distancing, specific business closures and non-essential social gatherings, citizen movements are generally unrestricted.

Do I need documentation from my employer deeming me essential?

No. The Governor’s Executive Order closes certain businesses, outlined in section (2). These businesses reflect operations that would make preventing close contact difficult or impossible due to the nature of the business. Officers are not asking or looking for any type of special paperwork from your employer.

Do I need a special placard on my car when going to work or if I drive for work?

No. There is no special documentation or placards for citizens going to work or permitted activities.

Will I be pulled over for driving on the highway?

Not for violation of the Governor’s Executive Order, which specifically outlines efforts to avoid large gatherings - not restrict the movement of citizens. If, however, you are committing a traffic violation or crime that would be enforced independent of the order, you may be stopped, like any other day.

Are the state lines closed and are there roadblocks?

No, traffic is moving freely within Oregon and our border states. There are no roadblocks or restrictions of vehicle movement. Washington State is operating under a similar executive order from their Governor, so Oregonians should be aware of these provisions when traveling in their state.

If my business is closed, can I still go to work if my employer makes me? Won’t I be arrested?

While the order prohibits the public from congregating at a closed business, the employer may still have work to do on site. As long as employees are not conducting business that is prohibited by the Executive Order, it is okay to still be at the work site. No “passes” or paperwork is required.

Are rest areas open?


Are police arresting or ticketing people in public or in violation of the Governor’s Executive Order?

Citizens that violate the Governor’s Order in an Emergency Declaration could be arrested or cited, which is a C Misdemeanor - the lowest level of criminal conduct designation. All Oregon law enforcement are united on the premise that police action is extremely undesirable and we hope to educate citizens if congregating in violation of the Governor’s Order. Citation or arrest would be an extreme last resort if a citizen failed to comply with the lawful direction of a police officer.

What about my kids that may congregate in a place without my permission, like a skate park?

Police know our children don’t often take their parent’s advice and may ignore direction when away. Like adults found to be congregating in a location, officers will likely approach the youths and educate them on the order. Citations and arrest are extremely unlikely, reserved for only the most extreme circumstances.

Can I still go hiking and fishing?

Yes. Oregonians can still recreate outdoors, if their recreational activity involves non-contact with others and they can maintain appropriate social distancing - which is defined as 6 feet or more from others. Citizens should be aware most campgrounds and boat ramps are closed, so should research their plans before recreating.

Should I call 911 if I see people congregating?

No. The level of this violation is not for reporting police, fire, or medical emergencies through 911. Citizens may choose to self-educate their fellow Oregonians or, if a large gathering is noted, they may call their respective police agency’s non-emergency number. In Yamhill County, the non-emergency numbers are:

  • Yamhill Communications Agency (YCOM) at 503/434-6500 or
  • Newberg-Dundee dispatch center for Newberg/East Yamhill County at 503/538-8321

Operations Division

YCSO Implementing New Concealed Handgun License Processing in Mid-July

(Updated June 26, 2020)

Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce our transition to an online application process for issuing Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHL). Utilizing a web-based program called Permit Direct by Permitium, Yamhill County residents will have the ability to submit CHL applications (including all required documents), schedule fingerprinting appointments, and track the status of their application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By streamlining our current practice, this automated system will provide a user-friendly experience that will increase efficiency and allow applications to be processed in a more timely manner. Users can also sign up for email and/or text message notifications.

To facilitate a smooth transition as we implement this new system, we are temporarily suspending acceptance of Concealed Handgun License applications until July 13, 2020. Please visit our website on or after July 13th to submit your application through the new system.

Applications that have been received prior to this announcement will continue to be processed using our current system. We appreciate your patience and are confident this transition to a new platform will significantly improve this service to our citizens!

Business Office Accessibility Effective Monday, March 16, 2020

(Updated March 13, 2020)

Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office will be implementing temporary changes in protocol and the services we offer to the public due to the COVID-19 virus situation. These changes are being implemented to protect our staff, the public, and inmates who interact with YCSO corrections employees.

Effective Monday, March 16th, the main business office of the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office will remain staffed but closed to the public. This includes Dog Control licensing. Specifically:

  • Items emailed to the Sheriff’s Office or mailed through the postal service will be processed normally.
  • In addition, items placed in our secure drop box, located in our exterior lobby, will also continue to be processed.
  • Concealed Handgun License processing and fingerprinting services will be suspended until further notice.

Enforcement Deputies are being instructed to answer calls for service via telephone if possible but will continue to respond in person to emergency situations and those wishing personal contact.

We will continue to work closely with public health officials and our public safety partners to monitor the situation and will adjust protocol as needed to fulfill our mission to the citizens of Yamhill County.

Sheriff Tim Svenson

Civil Unit Modified Services

(Updated March 24, 2020)

Due to public health concerns related to COVID-19, the Civil Unit is CLOSED to the public. Any paperwork or service can be dropped off at the lock-box located in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office. The Civil Unit is not serving, delivering, or acting on any notice, order, or writ of execution of tenancy, relating to evictions for nonpayment of rent or termination without cause. We will update information as it is available.

Individuals having an Order of Assistance to pick up a child may come to the Sheriff's Office and use the lobby phone to call in and speak with a Civil Deputy.

Yamhill County Dog Control's licensing and redemption services moved to Homeward Bound Pets

(Posted June 16, 2020)

After extensive work with non-profit shelter Homeward Bound Pets, County Counsel, and the Yamhill County Commissioners, Sheriff Tim Svenson is proud to announce that dog licensing and redemption will be contracted to Homeward Bound Pets as of June 16th. This transfer of services will speed up owner notification and give the public timelier access to redemption of found or impounded county dogs. It will also add more convenience to licensing for all Yamhill County residents.

“We are extremely excited to expand this partnership with Homeward Bound Pets.” said Sheriff Svenson. “They have done an outstanding job with the kenneling of our dogs and their staff is top notch. We are very confident this will be a long and fruitful relationship resulting in increased efficiency and access for our citizens.”

Homeward Bound Pets has dedicated staff for licensing, redemptions, and kenneling and are utilizing a new software system purchased by the county. Additional information about the new licensing process can be found on our Dog Control page.

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