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(Updated October 16, 2019)

Always dreamed of a career in law enforcement? Already in law enforcement but looking for new challenges? You're in luck! Yamhill County Sheriff's Office is currently recruiting for both entry-level and Certified/Lateral deputies in both our Corrections and Enforcement (Patrol) divisions. We have multiple positions available, so bring your best friend along for a new and exciting ride!

Our second review of applications will be those received by October 29, 2019; applications must be received by 3 pm on October 29th (postmarks not accepted). Make sure you get your County HR application and other required application materials (see position announcements) in before then for the opportunity to join us as we protect and serve the citizens and guests of Yamhill County. More information and a complete position announcement can be found at:

We also have an opening with a focus for FEMALE DEPUTIES. This position is opened until filled. We are looking for both entry-level candidates and certified/lateral candidates to work in either our Enforcement (Patrol) or Corrections (Jail) divisions. First review of applications will be October 29, 2019; applications must be received by 3 pm on October 29th (postmarks not accepted). See the full position announcement at SO19-089 Entry-Level/Certified Deputy - Corrections/Enforcement.

We also have an opening for a Corrections Sergeant. This position closes November 1, 2019 at 3:00 pm. We are looking for an experienced leader who has a minimum of 5 years' progressively responsible experience as a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer, possesses a DPSST Intermediate Corrections Certificate, and currently holds an assignment as a first-line supervisor in good standing with a recognized federal, state, county, or city (municipal) entity. See the full position announcement at SO19-086 Corrections Sergeant.

Want a little more information on what we're looking for? Want to know our likes and dislikes? You can always find information about what we're looking for in our staff and what our hiring process looks like by checking out our Join The Team page.

New Online Crime Reporting Tool Available

Yamhill County Sheriff's Office now has an online Crime Reporting Tool available for individuals to initiate reports of non-emergency/not-in-progress crimes. Note: If this is an EMERGENCY or a CRIME IN PROGRESS, do not file your report online. Call 911.

If you have been a victim of one of the Online Reportable Crimes, you may submit the your information through our Online Crime Reporting Tool. Please do not make your report in two places. To reduce confusion, individuals who file a report online should not also call the non-emergency line and file the same report. If you submit an online report and do not receive a response within five (5) business days, please contact Yamhill County Sheriff's Office at 503/434-7506 to inquire about its status.

  **If the crime you are wanting to report occurred within the city limits of Newberg, Dundee, Carlton, Yamhill, or McMinnville, please contact that police department instead of submitting this form to Yamhill County Sheriff's Office as we do not have primary jurisdiction in these cities.**

Dog Control: Lost and Found Dogs

Has your dog gotten out and you can't find her? Have you found a dog and don't know who the owner is? Or can't get in touch with the owner? Check our out Lost and Found Dogs information page for information on how to notify your local law enforcement agency.

News and Updates

Did you know that you can keep up with your Yamhill County Sheriff's Office on Facebook and through the FlashAlert Newswire system? You can also sign up to receive notifications from YCSO through the FlashAlert system. Just follow the instructions on the FlashAlert page to sign up via email or download the app on your smartphone.

Mission Statement

It is the Mission of the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office to provide our citizens with high quality law enforcement services, in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner.


To this end we will provide the highest quality of law enforcement services and will hold ourselves accountable to community and national professional standards. We recognize that our most valuable resource is our people and will strive to create a positive working atmosphere where creativity and participation abound. We will serve the people of this community striving for excellence in all that we do. We will not settle for mediocrity or second best. We are one of Oregon's Finest.

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