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Road Maintenance

This department maintains the county road system of over 700 miles, of which approximately 400 are paved and 300 are gravel. Paved roads will be overlaid, patched, chip-sealed or recycled as necessary. Pavement markings must be applied as required by the traffic volumes and paint condition. The county prioritizes the maintenance and rehabilitation of paved roads subject to annual budgetary constraints. On a regular basis, ditches and rights of way need cleaning and brushing, culverts need flushing and gravel roads need grading and rocking. Additionally, the road department implements the roadside management of the Habitat Conservation Program and vegetation control.
Bridge Maintenance
Routine bridge maintenance of the county’s 133 bridges includes cap replacement, wooden deck and stringer replacement, and repairs to spalling concrete and guardrails, all under the supervision of the County Engineer.
The following bridges are weight limited or closed until further notice:

Hill Road North at Sitton: 33 tons
The bridge on Patty Lane is open, but limited to four tons.



The Engineering staff oversees map updating, and the annual bid process for overlays, material supplies, contract hauling, striping and roadside spraying. Additionally, it manages contracts, road vacations, road and bridge design, and road use permit applications.
The administrative staff handles daily interaction with the public, as well as other city, county and state employees. They perform all accounts payable and receivable functions, payroll submission for the department, parks registrations, Cove Orchard Special Sewer District billing, management of Special Events and Tourism and Directional Sign programs, tracking of all work performed on county roads and expenses incurred.


Fleet Operations

The department repairs and maintains its vehicles as well as county pool vehicles and outside agency vehicles. Vehicles and equipment from these outside agencies include fire departments, other county departments, State of Oregon, City Police, Park and Recreation and other Public Works departments. Vehicle and equipment accounting is done through the Ron Turley & Associates (RTA) maintenance management program. The purchase and disposal of county vehicles and equipment are managed through a replacement pool.

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