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Our Mission:
Yamhill County Parks are unique natural, cultural, and historic places to be managed, preserved, and restored for people to enjoy outdoor recreation and educational activities. Yamhill County Parks include 17 parks located in rural settings throughout the county that together provide for a variety of recreational activities.
Parks are open to the public and we are accepting reservations for the pavilions.
Summer Parks Quest begins May 27. Join the hundreds of other Yamhill County families visiting ten parks in the summer and be eligible for prizes.
Click on the link for more details.

Yamhill County Parks have reopened! Please plan ahead and review site amenities before your trip. Stay safe, stay healthy. If you are feeling ill please visit us another time.

Yamhill County’s parks are “unique natural, cultural, and historic places where people can enjoy outdoor recreation and education activities”

The developed park properties provide day-use facilities for a variety of activities. These activities include: picnicking, boating, bird watching, small events and gatherings, fishing, hiking, outdoor education, and much more.

    See Artist Britt Blocks collection "A Year in Grenfell Park" on the Ed Grenfell page.

Boating, Fishing, River Access

Picnic/Day Use Parks with Reservable Areas

To make a reservation at Ed Grenfell Park, Lafayette Locks Park, or Charles Metsker Park, please call Yamhill County Public Works at (503) 434-7515.

Small Picnic/Day Use Parks

Parks with Large Natural Areas and Outdoor Education/Research Areas

Undeveloped Park Properties, Natural Areas, and Waysides
     Please note that these properties are not open to the public.

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