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Yamhill County Juvenile Division
(Probation & Detention)

The Yamhill County Juvenile Division is an agency within the Yamhill County Department of Community Justice. The Juvenile Division consists of Juvenile Probation, Juvenile Detention, and Victim Services. 

Yamhill County Department of Community Justice - Juvenile Division:
The Yamhill County Department of Community Justice -Juvenile Division provides (or refers) youth to services that meet their individual needs. Each youth is assessed using the Juvenile Crime Prevention Risk Assessment (risk to recidivate with a new crime). Services may include diversion through the Yamhill County Prevention Program for first time misdemeanors; Formal Accountability Agreements (no formal Court action); Juvenile Drug Court for 14–17-year-old youth with significant substance abuse problems; and informal and formal probation ordered by the court. A smaller portion of youth require services from the Oregon Youth Authority, the Oregon Department of Human Services, or in-patient mental health services. These services are often in conjunction with formal probation. The Juvenile Division collaborates with youth, parents, and partner agencies for the best interests of the youth and the community.

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