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YCWebMaps contains several interactive digital maps that allow you to explore Yamhill County, Oregon, with simple controls for viewing. YCWebmaps was developed to provide access to digital maps at Yamhill County for interested persons. This is not a Yamhill County website, please call  (503) 540-1621  for support.

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Maps Provided

  • County Property Map - Shows Yamhill County taxlots. This map is used to locate specific taxlots and obtain information about them. Assessor's maps now searchable.
  • Fire District Map - Shows the Fire Districts in Yamhill County
  • Flood Plain Map - Shows the FEMA Flood Plains in Yamhill County
  • Planning Zone Map - Shows the Planning Zones and Comprehensive Plans in Yamhill County
  • Soils Maps - Shows the NRCS Soils in Yamhill County
  • Survey/PLSS- Shows Surveys, Donation Land Claims, and GPS Corners in Yamhill County. Partitions now available and searchable.

Note: Information on these maps changes periodically.


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This is not a Yamhill County website, please call  (503) 540-1621  for support.

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