Yamhill County Elections

The Yamhill County Clerk is the chief elections officer of the county.  We are your resource for voter registration, candidate filing and elections in Yamhill County.
Most Oregonians can register to vote online.  To register, visit www.oregonvotes.gov/myvote

Once you are registered, it is just as quick and simple to either check or update your registration online.  To check or update your registration, visit www.oregonvotes.gov/myvote
Would you like a text or e-mail message alerting you that your ballot is headed your way, that it was accepted in the Clerk’s Office or perhaps rejected? If so, sign up here to be part of this new “Track Your Ballot” program.
Current Year Elections
Information on elections occurring this year including election calendars, information on candidates and measures and election results (available after 8pm on Election Night).
Upcoming Elections
Information on elections coming next year and beyond.
Previous Elections
Information on past elections including election calendars, information on candidates and measures and election results.
Candidate/Committee Resources
Information for candidates and committees that need to file for office or contest, summary of most common forms and hints, tips and tricks for candidates and committees.
Precincts & PCPs
Information on precincts in Yamhill County and the Precinct Committee People that represent them.
Ballot Drop Sites/Locations
Interactive page to help voters find the best ballot drop off location for them.
Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a question, there is a good chance someone else has a similar question.  If you don’t find an answer for your question on our website, please let us know.

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