Dog Control

Please visit our Lost and Found Dogs page for help on reporting missing or found dogs.

Information about the Dog Control Program Transition can be found on our FAQ page.

How to License your Dog...

  • It is time to license your puppy when it is 6 months of age, or when their permanent K-9s (Fangs) come in, whichever comes first.
  • If you get a new dog that is 6 months or older, you have 30 days in which to license this dog in your name.
  • If you keep a dog on your property for someone for more than 30 days out of the year, then by State Law you are responsible for the dog being licensed in this county.
  • If you have just moved to the area, you have 30 days in which to license the dog in this county (just like a car).
  • To license a dog you need a current Rabies Certificate good for at least one year or you may receive a short license that expires when the rabies shot does. To receive a discount for a spay or neutered dog, you must have written proof from your veterinarian.

Where to License your Dog...

  • For now, licensing will continue to be a function of the Yamhill County Dog Control unit of the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office, no matter where in the county you live.
  • Licenses may be issued/renewed:
    • in person at the Sheriff's Office (535 NE 5th Street, Rm 143, McMinnville, OR 97128);
    • through USPS mail; or
    • at several local vet clinics and non-profit organizations (click "Other Licensing Locations link below).
  • You may also be eligible to license over the phone by providing:
    • For new licenses and renewals - a current, valid rabies certificate must be on file. Rabies certificates may be emailed ( or faxed (503/472-5330).
    • For renewals - your current license number

Please call 503/434-7538 or email with questions or for more information. 

  • In addition, the County is working to finalize an online licensing option, which will allow individuals to renew licenses via the internet.

License Fees...

Type of License

License Fee -
1 Year

License Fee -
2 Years

License Fee -
3 Years

ALL Fertile Dogs




Spayed or Neutered Dogs




Senior Fees (65-74)*




Super Senior Fees (75+)**




  • *1 dog per senior - dog must be altered to qualify for senior rate, owner DOB required

  • **1 dog per super senior - dog must be altered to qualify, owner DOB required

  • Licenses may not extend past the rabies certificate expiration date.

Yamhill County Dog Control has been 100% self-funded for over 30 years. No tax dollars are used to fund any part of the program.


At this time, we are only accepting monetary donations. The County contracts with Homeward Bound Pets and has not storage space for in-kind donations.

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