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The Office of County Administrator was established through Yamhill County Ordinance 848 on January 1, 2010.  The County Administrator’s office is responsible for the overall management of county government in accordance with policies set by the Board of Commissioners and applicable laws.  County administration is responsible for implementing county-wide policies, ordinances and resolutions of the Board, all contracts entered into by the county, and provides for the enforcement of all policies, rules, procedures, orders and regulations duly adopted by the Board.   
The County Administrator’s office is responsible for the preparation and oversight of the annual county budget along with the maintenance, custody and improvements of all county property and buildings. 
 The County Administrator supervises all non-elected department heads and works in partnership with the Commissioners who serve as liaisons to county elected officials.
The County Administrator reports directly to the Board of County Commissioners
County Administrator, Ken Huffer, is the Chief Administrative Officer of the county.   He is responsible for the administration and management of the county and its service districts (if delegated) and works under the direction of the Board of County Commissioners.  Justin Hogue is the Deputy County Administrator, and works under the direction of the County Administrator and assists in all areas of administration as assigned.  Mr. Hogue serves as Acting County Administrator in Mr. Huffer’s absence. 

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