Community Justice

Vision Statement

"A Community that has social order and where people and property are not at risk of criminal activity and where the community, through its individuals and organizations, works together to help create a community of law-abiding citizens where each person can maximize their potential for a full and productive life."

Mission Statement

"Our Mission is to work within the guidelines of the Oregon Department of Corrections while honoring the needs of our local community. We focus on a combination of swift, sure and fair sanctions and offender programming. We assist offenders in changing their behavior to be productive citizens and to not repeat criminal activity."


  • Accountability: We shall provide swift, certain and fair consequences when offenders violate conditions of supervision.
  • Change & Rehabilitation: We believe in people’s ability to change and strive to provide opportunities for rehabilitation through the effective use of evidence based practices.
  • Restitution & Restoration: We value restitution to crime victims in order to restore those impacted by crime and encourage offenders to take responsibility for the harm they cause.
  • Supervision Resources: We will appropriately focus active case supervision, services and sanction resources on offenders to protect public safety.
  • Collaborative Relationships: We believe in order to enhance public safety we must work collaboratively with our partners, including the judiciary, law enforcement, schools, treatment agencies, families, and the community.
  • Programs: We will advocate for, develop and provide quality programs and services.
  • Evaluation: We will continually measure and evaluate services to our agency to ensure they are effective and responsive to needs of victims, offenders and the community.
  • Financial Accountability: We recognize it is our responsibility to manage our limited time and resources carefully to maximize services provided to the public.
  • Professionalism We value the highest standards of professional behavior, including treating people with respect, promoting effective communication, resolving conflict peacefully, acting with integrity, taking initiative and accepting personal responsibility.
  • Communication: We believe in communication that is considerate, open, honest and direct.
  • Diversity: We value and respect diversity within our staff, our clients and our community.
  • Relationships: We value relationships with employees, offenders, and community that are based on integrity, dignity and respect.
  • Teamwork: We value teamwork which represents the collective strength of individual contributions, resulting from constructive participation, commitment, cooperation, and collaboration.
  • Work Environment: We will foster a safe work environment where employees are valued, well-trained, supported and professional.


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