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Year 2016 Board of Commissioners Minutes

Below you will find .pdf downloads for the Year 2016 Board of Commissioners minutes:
(To access current minutes, please visit our "Meetings" page)

File Download: 
PDF icon 01-05-16 informal session.pdf36.67 KB
PDF icon 01-07-16 formal session.pdf63.69 KB
PDF icon 01-12-16 informal session.pdf37.61 KB
PDF icon 01-14-16 formal session.pdf67.33 KB
PDF icon 01-19-16 informal session.pdf50.55 KB
PDF icon 01-20-15 work sessioin.pdf31.1 KB
PDF icon 01-21-16 formal session.pdf58.55 KB
PDF icon 01-26-16 informal session.pdf34 KB
PDF icon 01-28-16 formal session.pdf57.92 KB
PDF icon 02-02-16 informal session.pdf44.55 KB
PDF icon 02-04-16 formal session.pdf67.67 KB
PDF icon 02-09-16 informal session.pdf35.7 KB
PDF icon 02-11-16 formal session.pdf45.01 KB
PDF icon 02-16-16 informal session.pdf32.25 KB
PDF icon 02-16-16 work session.pdf4.07 MB
PDF icon 02-18-16 formal session.pdf47.98 KB
PDF icon 02-23-16 informal session.pdf2.12 MB
PDF icon 02-25-16 formal session.pdf47.41 KB
PDF icon 03-01-16 combined.pdf41.28 KB
PDF icon 03-08-16 informal session.pdf2.52 MB
PDF icon 03-08-16 work session.pdf31.43 KB
PDF icon 03-10-16 formal session.pdf5.75 MB
PDF icon 03-15-16 informal session.pdf32.79 KB
PDF icon 03-16-16 work session.pdf32.29 KB
PDF icon 03-17-16 formal session.pdf60.51 KB
PDF icon 03-22-16 informal session.pdf2.22 MB
PDF icon 03-24-16 formal session.pdf43.69 KB
PDF icon 03-31-16 formal session.pdf51.41 KB
PDF icon 04-05-16 informal session.pdf34.47 KB
PDF icon 04-07-16 formal session.pdf604.28 KB
PDF icon 04-12-16 informal session.pdf33.17 KB
PDF icon 04-14-16 formal session.pdf57.17 KB
PDF icon 04-19-16 informal session.pdf34.87 KB
PDF icon 04-21-16 formal session.pdf57.89 KB
PDF icon 04-28-16 formal session.pdf50.86 KB
PDF icon 05-05-16 combined.pdf47.95 KB
PDF icon 05-10-16 informal session.pdf34.32 KB
PDF icon 05-12-16 formal session.pdf52.57 KB
PDF icon 05-17-16 informal session.pdf35.92 KB
PDF icon 05-19-16 formal session.pdf45.46 KB
PDF icon 05-26-16 combined.pdf50.91 KB
PDF icon 05-31-16 informal session.pdf39.46 KB
PDF icon 06-02-16 formal session.pdf56 KB
PDF icon 06-07-16 informal session.pdf35.4 KB
PDF icon 06-07-16 work session.pdf32.62 KB
PDF icon 06-09-16 formal session.pdf48.26 KB
PDF icon 06-14-16 informal session.pdf35.58 KB
PDF icon 06-16-16 formal session.pdf65.65 KB
PDF icon 06-21-16 informal session.pdf34.38 KB
PDF icon 06-21-16 spec formal session.pdf37.56 KB
PDF icon 06-23-16 formal session.pdf50.77 KB
PDF icon 06-28-16 informal session.pdf38.7 KB
PDF icon 06-30-16 formal session.pdf46.94 KB
PDF icon 07-12-16 informal session.pdf42.76 KB
PDF icon 07-14-16 formal session.pdf63.61 KB
PDF icon 07-19-16 informal session.pdf36.83 KB
PDF icon 07-21-16 formal session.pdf46.33 KB
PDF icon 07-26-16 informal session.pdf39.35 KB
PDF icon 08-02-16 informal session.pdf35.2 KB
PDF icon 08-04-16 formal session.pdf57.45 KB

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