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Yamhill County Population By City

Population of Yamhill County: 95,925                 Population of Oregon: 3,844,195

Amity:Population 1,675. Phone 503/835-3711.Address 401 S Trade St., 97101.Incorporated 1880; the city took its name from the first schoolhouse in the area, christened "Amity" because of the neighborly attitudes displayed by the settlers raising the schoolhouse.Elevation 161 ft.

Carlton:Population 1,805. Phone 503/852-7575.Address 191 E Main St., 97111.Incorporated 1899; originally called Carl Town, after Wilson Carl, early settler.Elevation 198 ft.

Dayton:Population 2,495. Phone 503/864-2221.Address 416 Ferry St., 97114.Incorporated 1880; named for Dayton, Ohio, former home of the city=s first postmaster.Elevation 160 ft.

Dundee:Population 3,075. Phone 503/538-3922.Address 620 SW Fifth St., 97115.Incorporated 1895; name derived from William Reid=s home town in Dundee, Scotland.Elevation 189 ft.

Lafayette:Population 3,920. Phone 503/864-2451.Address 486 Third St., 97127.Incorporated 1878; at one time it was the county seat; the town was founded by Joel Perkins in 1847 and named for his hometown in Lafayette, Indiana.Elevation 160 ft.

McMinnville:Population 32,930. Phone 503/434-7302.Address 230 NE Second St, 97128.Incorporated 1876; named for McMinnville, Tennessee, former home of founder William T. Newby.Elevation 157 ft.

Newberg:Population 23,570.Phone 503/538-9421.Address 401 E Third St., 97132.Incorporated 1889; named by Sebastian Brutscher, postmaster and early pioneer for his hometown in Germany.Elevation 175 ft.

Sheridan:Population 6,025.Phone 503/843-2347.Address 120 SW Mill St., 97378.Incorporated 1880; named for General Phillip Sheridan of Civil War fame.Elevation 189 ft.

Willamina:Population 1,885.(720 Polk County citizens also live in Willamina).Phone 503/876-2242.Address 411 C St., 97396.Incorporated 1903; name is derived from Willamina Creek which was named for Willamina Maley, an early settler.Elevation 225 ft.

Yamhill:Population 860. Phone 503/662-3511.Address 205 S Maple, 97148.Incorporated 1890; originally named North Yamhill; named for the indigenous people of the Yamhill River watershed who were known as the Che-ahm-ill, a subgroup of the Kalapuya.Elevation 182 ft.

Unincorporated:Population 17,685.

*Certified population estimates as of December 15, 2010, prepared by Population Research Center, Portland State University.

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