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Yamhill County Plot Plan Requirement Checklist (Residential)

Included? Information Required
  Drawing to be to scale - show scale on drawing.
  Show orientation of lot to North (North Arrow).
  Show elevations if in flood plain.
  Show any and all easements of record that may be on the property and purpose of easement (example: utility easement).
  Show the location of the sewer and water taps, and all other underground utilities to service the site and proposed location of lines (Not applicable in County).
  Show proposed routing and location of underground drainage system (rain drains and crawl space drains).
  Show direction of drainage from house.
  Show all buildings with their dimensions including utility buildings. If structures are to be removed or relocated, note on plot plan.
  Show setbacks from property lines (front, rear, and side yards of all buildings that are intended to be used.
  Show location and width of driveway.
  Show location and width of driveway apron at depressed portion of curb. (Not applicable in County).
  If land is near the 20% slope, show verification of break in slope. (Not applicable in County).
  Show location of septic tank, drainfield, and replacement drainfield.

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